The Brazilian Butt Lift Miami has been waiting for has arrived!

Have a Full Backside with the Brazilian Butt Lift

Over the past several years the abdomen and buttocks have received more attention than ever before. Dr Blinki understands that just as a woman may want to increase her sensual profile with breast augmentation, she may want to increase the other end as well.

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Miami Butt Augmentation Miami Brazilian Butt Lift


Dr. Blinski is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a widely recognized expert, unlike many doctors performing Butt Lift procedures. Some of them are actually General Practioners who have taken a weekend seminar to learn just one cosmetic procedure, while Dr. Blinski’s experience and training are much more comprehensive in every nuance of cosmetic procedures. Isn’t it better that the surgeon performing your Butt Lift procedure have as comprehensive an education along with full certification credentials?

Dr Blinski’s experience and training also means he has a thorough understanding of other procedures like Cellulite Reduction, Thigh Lift, or Tummy Tuck, as well as all those procedures’ aspects. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Blinski is experienced in many other cosmetic surgeries, such as Rhinoplasty or Breast Augmentation. With Dr. Blinski, you can be confident that his experience and training will result in him offering you the procedure best suited to your particular situation.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A type of butt augmentation procedure, brazilian butt lift results in a perky, prominent, youthful buttocks with a more sensual profile. In the procedure, Dr. Blinski removes fat from carefully selected areas of your body, purifies it, and then re-injects selected fat cells back into the buttocks. The process involves hundreds of injections. In the end, the procedure fills the upper area of your buttocks, making the butt appear lifted and perky, resulting in a more attractive and sensuous appearance.

How Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

First, the buttocks is contoured by performing various liposuction in the certain areas around the patient’s buttocks. Common areas include the thighs, the stomach, and directly above the butt. The fat removed from these areas is then meticulously processed and purified. Only a small fraction of the fat removed will ultimately qualify for injection into the buttocks. Dr. Blinski then injects small amounts of this purified fat back into various areas of the patient’s buttocks at various depths, ensuring that the patient will have the highest permanent fat absorption rate possible. Because of this, the actual procedure can involve hundreds of fat injections.

What Happens After Surgery?

Brazilian Butt Lift patients cannot sit directly on their buttocks for a period of time up to three weeks. Most patients can go back to work within 2 weeks. To control swelling, patients must wear a special garment for about 2 weeks. While there may be some swelling for up to 6 weeks, it will generally be mild. Patients should be able resume any everyday activity after 4 weeks.