Smart Lipo - A New Advancement in Miami Liposuction

Smart Lipo - Both Removes Fat and Tightens Skin

Dr. Blinski not only serves Smart Lipo Miami patients, he is also the National Physician Trainer for Cynosure, the manufacturer of the Smartlipo device. You can be confident that there is no Miami Smart Lipo doctor more qualified to perform your surgery than Dr. Blinski, the doctor who trains other doctors for the manufacturer.

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Miami Smart Lipo


Miami Smart Lipo


Smart Lipo is sometimes called Laser Lipo in Miami. Smart Lipo is a unique laser assisted form of liposuction that is less invasive. You heal faster with less bruising than traditional liposuction. Your skin will be tighter due to the laser stimulating collagen production in the connective tissue.

  • This is a major advancement in liposuction technology.
  • The Smart Lipo laser dissolves fat, which makes it easier to remove.
  • The Smart Lipo Laser stimulates the growth of collagen, which will continue to tighten your skin for several months after surgery.
  • Smart Lipo has been shown to have fewer risks and side effects than traditional Liposuction.

Dr Blinski Voted Best Plastic Surgeon in Dade County

Dr. Blinski is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He has full privileges at Baptist Hospital of Miami, having served there as Senior Staff Plastic Surgeon.

Fellow doctors have voted Dr. Blinski as “Best Plastic Surgeon in Dade County.”

His experience in plastic surgery is so respected that the manufacturer of the SmartLipo device, Cynosure, use him to train other doctors on their device.

Not every doctor who performs a cosmetic procedure is a Plastic Surgeon. Some doctors are actually General Practioners who only know a single cosmetic procedure, one they learned through taking a weekend seminar.

It is little surprise that doctors who know only one liposuction technique and possess only one type of liposuction machine would only recommend that method to everyone, regardless of an individual's circumstances.

Since he's a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Blinski's training and experience are more comprehensive, as well as focused completely on plastic surgery. Dr. Blinski has a better understanding of who are the best candidates for SmartLipo than a non-Plastic Surgeon would. He is also more knowledgable of procedures like Thigh Lift, which may be better for some people. Thigh Lifts, like all advanced plastic surgery, cannot be performed by doctors who are not Plastic Surgeons, and only have weekend training in something like Liposuction.

With those certifications and credentials, you can be confident that Dr. Blinski has the broad range of experience necessary to offer you the right procedure for your situation.

  • Do you dream of once again having a nicely contoured body, and want assurance that the procedure won't leave you worse than you were before?

  • Do you want the doctor performing the procedure to have hospital privileges?

  • Do you want the doctor to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with comprehensive knowledge of all cosmetic surgery procedures, as well as certification credentials?

  • Then you owe it to yourself to get a free consultation from Dr Darryl Blinski.

What Is Smart Lipo?

Smartlipo™ is a new less invasive form of liposuction that uses a laser to liquefy unwanted fat on the waist, face, thighs, arms, or breasts. The laser's energy is applied directly to the fat cells, causing them to liquefy so they can more easily be removed. Treatments with the Smartlipo system generally result in less swelling and bleeding as compared to traditional liposuction methods and can usually be performed in one 45-minute session. Repeat touch ups are required less often than with traditional liposuction.

How Is Smart Lipo Performed?

During Smart Lipo, the area to be treated is infused with a saline solution containing a local anesthetic. A very small incision is then made in the skin. A very small cannula (tube) containing the laser fiber is inserted into the fatty layers. The small laser fiber delivers energy directly to the fat cells, causing them to liquefy so they can be removed through the smaller cannula.

Smart Lipo is performed in an office setting and hospitalization is not required. The technique allows Dr. Blinski to remove fat more uniformly with fewer skin irregularities and less bleeding and bruising than would be possible with traditional Liposuction.

What Happens After Surgery?

The local anesthesia fluid infused into the fatty tissue helps to keep the area numb for 18 to 24 hours following surgery. This greatly minimizes postoperative pain. After Smart Lipo, patients are usually alert and able to function without nausea, or the "washed out" feeling associated with general anesthesia. The Smart Lipo laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact, resulting in less swelling and bruising and faster healing. Most people return to work and normal activities within two days of their SmartLipo procedure. Compression garments are typically worn for 2 weeks after Smart lipo as compared to 6 weeks for traditional liposuction.

Are There Any Possible Complications?

The safety record of Smart Lipo is well documented. The complication rate of Smart Lipo has shown to be one tenth that of traditional liposuction.

While no procedure is risk free, the Smart Lipo procedure is better tolerated by most patients since it liquidizes the fat making it easier to remove than traditional liposuction.

Isn't it time you took back control of your body?

Have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to change your life? A new you is just a phone call away. You won’t find a doctor more qualified than Dr. Blinski, the doctor who trains other doctors. Smartlipo is cutting edge technology that improves both safety and results. Call us today at 786-220-0686 for a free consultation. Start feeling better about yourself.